When most people hear the name HARIKIRI they immediately conjure up the vivid images depicted in Japanese films of disgraced Samurai committing ritual self-disembowelment in a bid to regain their honour.  


Nope, thats not what my name refers to.  Let me explain quickly!


Outside of Japan "ha-ri-kiri" is an incredibly widespread misspelling of the Japanese word "ha-ra-kiri" (腹切り, "cutting the belly"), a coarse alternative to the word that is more formally used inside Japan, Seppuku (切腹, "stomach-cutting").


My stage name is derived from a homophone that embodies a number of more colourful meanings, the gerund form of the Japanese verb "hari-kiru" (張り切る).  This word simultaneously means to:


  • …be high-spirited and full of passion
  • …to stretch something to breaking point
  • …to push further than others are willing to go
  • …to redline on a DJ mixer [in slang]